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Ep4f is a free, easy, online photo editor and collage making tool. Edit your pics, make cool picture collages, and decorate your images with background patterns, customized fonts, shapes, cliparts and frames. Get creative with 1000s of borders, collage templates, backgrounds and cliparts.

Some Features of the Collage Maker ✓ Free, Fast and Easy-to-Use ✓ Photo Transformation (scale, rotate, move, flip etc.) ✓ Embeded Photo Editor ✓ Embeded Cutout Photo Feature(Make any photo transparent easily) ✓ Hundreds of Free fonts, backgrounds, cliparts, png images and shapes ✓ Basic painting, gradients, shadows etc.

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    Make Cutout Collage of Celebrities

    8 months ago

    Most of the photos you get from internet or cameras are jpeg i.e. non-transparent photos. For many purposes, photos should be cutout to mix or collage with other celebrities photos. But How ?

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    Make A GIF From Photos, Videos and Webcam Online

    13 months ago

    Making GIF online from photos, videos(youtube) or webcam is very easy. This is the HTML5 based GIF Maker which is extremely fast with more effects.

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    Create Cool Google Plus Cover Photo and Profile Image Online 2013

    8 months ago

    Google Plus now has much larger size of the cover photo with round profile image. Read this step-by-step tutorial to create cool Google Plus Cover Photo and profile image easily online with templates.

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    Easy Greeting Cards Templates and Facebook Timeline Covers

    17 months ago

    Easily Customizable Greeting Cards for various occasions like birthdays, dating, holidays etc are very popular. In addition to this, Facebook Timeline Covers templates are used because of facebook.

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    Face Warp Online : Have Fun Distorting Your Friends Faces

    8 months ago

    Face distortion or face warping of friends or family members is very funny and make all laughs. Now you can make funny faces online applying pinch, whirl, twirl or ripple effects.

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    Instagram, Retro and Vintage Effects to Photos Online

    8 months ago

    Photos with instagram, retro and vintage effects are more popular than natural. People love converting original photos to these effects for cool and awesome look. Try your's after reading this hub.

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    New Way of Making Picture Collage

    8 months ago

    Most of the picture collage application online are very similar and limited to edit. Here is the new way of making photo collage with more customizable elements, text, backgrounds and effects.

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    Add Text on Picture Online

    8 months ago

    For designers (print or web), some easy way of adding text on picture is daily and common task. "Edit Photos For Free" lets you make cool photo captions or adding text on top of images easily.

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    Remove Background From Image Online Without Using Photoshop

    2 months ago

    This is the step-by-step guide for replacing boring background of any image with new interesting background. The web application named "Edit Photos For Free" is free and online.

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